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Making it work

Wearing: Pants Vila, Blouse H&M, Blazer Vila, Wedges River Island, Bag SoNize, Ring Primark

For them who didn’t know… Even though I’m still finishing my study Psychology I’m a psychotherapist at an addiction clinic.
(Believe it or not, shrinks wear heels too!)
However a few weeks ago one of my colleagues told me that I would not be able to wear off-shoulder tops anymore.
Why? Too sexy. And a girl my age can’t afford walking around “sexy” in a job where sex addicts walk around too, says my colleague.
To be quite honest with you, it really made me think of quiting my job.
I’ve never been a fan of dress codes and disallowing me to wear what I want makes me shiver!
After this bummer the first question that occured to me was: CAN I STILL WEAR MY HEELS?
I didn’t dear asking. Today I just carefully appeared in this outfit with my black wedges.
No warnings, no objections.
Lucky me. I can still be myself.

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