Autumn Affinities

Wearing: Full outfit from Missguided.
Knitted top (here), knitted skirt (here), camel coat (here), silver heels (here), necklace (here), rings (here)

So many reasons to love the new season!
One of them would have to be fashion, in specific the fact that
we can bring out our knitwear again. And since it’s not that cold yet,
I would suggest to hold on to at least one summer trend:
crop tops. I am totally in love with today’s knitted crop tops.
They are simple, yet cool and comfy, yet sassy!
The past few months I’ve also been looking for some twinsets,
for two reasons: 1. they make crop tops and skirts look like the perfect cut out
dress, and 2. it automatically looks good together so it’s easy to style.
So Missguided really did it for me, since they seem to be
heaven on earth when it comes to knitwear and twinsets.
Needless to tell you why I chose this camel coat, especially if
you’ve seen my fall essentials video. I just needed one like this very bad
and I think this one is quite perfect: wool-ish, double breasted and maxi.
I think that the coat is really making this ensemble complete.
You’d almost forget to look at the shoes, which are a gorgeous addition
if you’d ask me. Should I stop? Cause, I cannot get enough
of this outfit. Hope it gets you in the mood to do
some fall/winter shoppings as well?!
Let me know what you think!

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