All about 2014


I cannot believe that 2014 is over already. It went by so quickly, right?! I remember January as though it was yesterday. To close this year, I would like to give you a recap, pointing out my ups & downs, to give you an insight in my personal life from the past year…

This year started out great for me, especially carreer-wise. I was featured in a lot of magazines, like Glamour USA, Fashionista, Blogazine and FreeYourMind. Besides that I met my (now ex-)boyfriend. And I got a lovely modeling job for which I flew to Dubai. I was busy, but in a good way.
In March I turned 25 (yikes, it’s almost my birthday again!). And during that period I was very busy with all kinds of styling jobs. Then summer came. I graduated from Vogue Academy as an Allround Stylist. And it was around that time that I quit my job as a visual merchandiser at Primark. This all felt liberating. I had been working so hard; I was glad that both my studying and work had now come to an end. I was asked to design my own T-Shirt for Coolcat, which was an amazing & very exciting opportunity, which I am still very proud of.
In July me and my (ex-)boyfriend went to Marrakech, a lovely relaxing vacation. Soon after that, I organized a goodbye BBQ party, for I was flying off to Thailand & Bali in August. Eventually, I didn’t even make it to Bali since I missed home and had come to the conclusion that this was not the right time for me to be so far from home and travel the world with just a backpack. However, the time I had in Thailand and the life lessons that I learned, are indescribable!
When I came back it didn’t take long for me to get back on track: I was very busy with all kinds of projects and collaborations.
Winter came, me and my ex-boyfriend broke up and I was lucky enough to be busy with all kinds of partnerships and even a new concept which I cannot tell you about yet. Christmas was weird, since my parents were on vacation, but I had an amazing time with my sister and my best friends.
And now I am standing here, ready to propose a toast. After all, this has been a year with many changes. I really feel as if I am standing on the edge… and jumping to 2015 may be the beginning of yet a new exciting and enervating year. I can only hope that the beginning will be as good as last year and that the end will be much better.

Have a good one, y’all. Cheers!


Wearing: Tehilah Design top & skirt (find here), Nelly shoes (find here), Embellished clutch (same here), Asos hairpiece (same here)

Location of this shoot: Ramada Hotel, Amsterdam (more here)


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