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While I only just got back from Lissabon and Madrid, where I had by the way an amazing time, I now want to take you guys back to a couple of months ago when I went to Aarhus with Vero Moda. In my previous posts you’ve seen the outfits. Here, I would like to tell you a little bit more about what our schedule looked liked and what we did… I’m also sharing some tips, so hop along…












After Copenhagen, Aarhus is the city to visit next, when you’re in Denmark. I’ve been there two times now and the second time I also had the time to explore the city, which was a lot of fun. Wendy and I were there for Vero Moda, so they had scheduled some fun activities for us, but since the lookbook shoot was replaced to another date, we had an afternoon to ourselves which we used to shoot outfit pictures and check out the city.

One of the places one should definitely visit in Aarhus, is Mollestien. It’s a small neighborhood (far as I know it’s just one street) with cute little colorful houses. You’ve seen these in my previous post as well (here). I must say that Wendy and I were almost robbed from our cameras at Mollestien. We had placed them in a bag on the ground, for everyone to see. And if it wasn’t for me checking everyone who passed by, I wouldn’t have been able to grab the bag before some skunk did. This was kind of a scary moment, but of course this could happen everywhere and in fact you should always be aware of pickpockets and thieves.

After shooting some looks, Wendy and I had a warm choco at a place called Grappa. This was the perfect time for us to sit back and warm up, since it was really cold back then, shooting looks without coats on… But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Oh and this also means that we finally had wi-fi, something a blogger cannot go without for more than 10 hours…

That evening we had dinner with two of the Vero Moda ladies, at Kähler. Here we had typical Danish bread, called smorrebrød. If you’d ask me it looks somewhat like rye bread. I had one with chicken, which was delicious. I must say that the Danish really know how to cook and prepare lunches. If there’s one thing I love about Denmark, it’s the food! While chitchatting and eating, I was taught some Danish words like Hej, Hejhej and hvordan har du de, which is pronounced “Hi”, “Hi hi” and “Woddan goard et” if you’s ask me and means much as “Hello”, “Bye” and “How are you?” Proud to say I still remember this!

The next day we went to a Vero Moda store were both Wendy and I styled a complete window, each with four mannequins. This was so much fun. From my work as a visual merchandiser, I already knew that it would be a hard job, but seeing the end result really made me smile. There was also this sign saying “Styled by fashion blogger, Larissa Bruin” and I felt so honored that I couldn’t stop making pictures.

That afternoon we had lunch with Mette, online coordinator of Vero Moda. She interviewed us about our hair and make up styles. Again we had some typical Danish food (again delicious!) and then it was already time to head home to Amsterdam. I don’t need to tell you that this was an amazing trip again. I can really recommend Aarhus to anyone, although I’d say that Copenhagen is even more beautiful, especially now that the weather is getting better!

Let me know what you think of this post and don’t hesitate to ask any questions or tips regarding this matter.



Photos by Wendy & Me

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