A full article about my time in Sevilla last week will be online in just a few days. But the text should be accompanied by not only images, but video footage as well to give you a complete impression of what it was like. Check out the full video here and read on for some tips about Sevilla!


Like every other Spanish city, Sevilla has it’s own cultural habitats. Think of food and drinks, but also songs, traditions, parties and dances. In Sevilla they dance the Flamenco, of which the four Sevillana’s are the most common. I have been taught two of these (check out the video, believe me, this is your time to ever laugh at me!).

During the Feria, about which I will tell you more in my next post, everyone comes together to celebrate in traditional style. From what I’ve experienced this means: serrano ham, dancing the flamenco, riding a horse carriage and dressing up accordingly. Please watch the video to get a better understanding of all this and read my next article about the full experience.

For now, I would like to finish with five tips on what to do in Sevilla:

1. Take Spanish lessons
This is not just something to do in Sevilla; it can be done anywhere else. I was in Colombia and Cuba last summer and I regret not taking lessons, cause wow, how I love the Spanish language!

2. Take Flamenco lessons
To anyone who thinks that the Flamenco is easy to learn; you will be proven otherwise once you get started. I’ve been dancing all sorts of styles ever since I was 7, but the Famenco is a different story! The counting and rhythm aren’t anything like hiphop, salsa, ballroom or jazz. But it’s so gracious when you dance it well. Definitely worth a try!

3. Visit Alcázar de Seville
Alcázar de Seville is the royal palace of Seville, which is open to public. You will not believe the beauty of this palace and it’s garden. I was wowed and believe me, I have seen a lot already.

4. Pick a rooftop
When the weather is nice, one should definitely try to have a view over Seville from a rooftop. Lily and I went to Hotel Dona Maria, which was pretty nice since they also have a swimming pool on the roof, but I must admit that we didn’t see much from there. A visit to the cathedral just across the street would’ve given us quite a view too though.

5. Visit de Feria
If you’re able to visit Seville in April, make sure you go there during the Feria which is normally held two weeks after easter. Buy a flamenco dress as a woman or come with a suit if you’re a guy. And believe me, you will have the time of your life.

Click play to see what our experience was like!



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