Ink Hotel Review

You may recall that during fashion week this season, I went there as a reporter for Zalando. Together with Lily I went to several events and shows and wrote an article about it on my blog. You can find it here. During the events Lily and I stayed at the Ink Hotel in Amsterdam, a new hot spot where I would like to tell you all about!





The Ink Hotel is located at the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, just behind one of the biggest shopping streets of Amsterdam, called Nieuwezijds Kolk and near to The Dam. So let’s start off by saying that this is an amazing location in the heart of Amsterdam. I live in Amsterdam myself too, so when I was offered a stay I tended to think it wasn’t that necessary but this was really a value-added!

The hotel has a modern & classy interior of which you can see more in my video below, with golden detailing and an evident theme that comes back in funny ways in the architecture and furniture. The building in which the Ink Hotel is situated used to be the homeport of journal De Tijd (literally translated “The Time”). Hence the name for the hotel and a theme that has everything to do with news, articles and writing. For example, the walls are full of sketches by Jan Rothuizen, the menu is presented as a newspaper and every cocktail is delivered with a finishing touch of ink. You can leave loving such fun details up to me. I found it an adventure just to find out all of these gimmicks.

The hotel furthermore provides with wifi, an incredibly delightful king size bed, a drench, and all other stuff a good hotel can serve, for example a delicious breakfast. From my previous posts about hotels you may have read that I usually don’t like hotel breakfasts, but this one… delicious! And their service is amazing: mostly in English (hey, international!) and very kind.

Lily and I had a great time over there and I love looking back on these photos for I remember this place as a comfortable sit back from the busy fashion week adventures. I can totally recommend this hotel to anyone for any occasion.



In these photos: Ink Hotel, Amsterdam
Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 67
Photos by Lily (

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