Oh how I love this period between summer and winter. Ok, to be honest: I love summer over winter, but autumn and winter can be quite nice too. Slowly but surely days will become shorter, nights will become longer. But with those long nights, come the bright lights (that rhymed, how cute). And isn’t everyone fond of this time of the year; the rainy days that make you wanna cozy up inside, light some extra candles and drink hot chocolate all day. But hey, there are still some amazing things to do outdoors as well. And in this post I’d like to point out at least one of them: visit The Amsterdam Light festival 2019.

Every year again, it’s the best run-up to get in the mood for Christmas & the loveliest way to ease down post-Christmas that my city could wish for: The Amsterdam Light Festival, in short ALF where between November and January the canals are lit up by impressive art installations. Amsterdam is known for it’s canals just like the Netherlands are known for all of it’s waters and to me it’s really something to be proud of as it makes this small country so unique.

This year the Amsterdam Light Festival will enlighten the city for the eighth time in a row with this year’s theme being “disrupt”. Artists are challenged to portray their vision of this theme in a colorful artwork that lights up the canals. With artists like Har Hollands, Uttskotet, UxU Studio and Gabriel Lester one can expect a wide variety of concepts that were inspired worldwide.

During the Amsterdam Light Festival museums & shipping companies will all contribute to making this an unforgettable event. Walking tours & special activities in line with this festival are organized to add up to the experience. But the best way to explore & attent is of course by boat. Like I suggested in a previous post it might be wise to look into the possibilities of a private tour. Gluhwein & a tour guide are amongst the options that I would definitely consider for this boat trip!

Super curious to know if any of you have ever made a boat trip through Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Light Festival. What did you think of it and would you book again?


Important info:
Dates: 28/11/2019 – 19/01/2020
Tickets can be bought here

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