Yeay, it’s finally here! My holiday lookbook. Although I feel like it was summer just a second ago, I do feel like I am ready for christmas. Especially when it comes to clothing. Every year it seems to get easier to find the right outfit. In fact, I think that this year I found my favorite christmas dress ever! It’s the second look in this video…


When it comes to an outfit for christmas we always tend to think of sequins, metallics and anything shiny, sparkling or shimmery. I totally agree with wearing as much sparkles as possible, cause this is thé best time to wear it. Still, I do think that there are a lot of other fabrics besides sequins and metallics that would be amazing for Christmas… Those would be my ultimate three tips for the perfect christmas outfit:

1. Not just sparkles.
If you are not in to sequins or metallics, there are some other lovely fabrics that would be appropriate as well. Think of velvet, heavy knits or jacquard.

2. Accessorize!
This is not just the time to dress up in an amazing skirt, dress, or suit. Also think of accessories, such as jewelry crowns, festive earrings or pearl chokers. Those can really spice up your outfit and be like the peak to the christmas tree.

3. Make Up Finish…
The same goes for make up. Glitter nail polish, golden highlights, metallic eye shadow or even a shimmering lipstick are the way to go during Christmas eve.

But the most important part of it all is of course to just have fun and enjoy! I hope you guys will also enjoy my lookbook. Let me know what you think!




Details about the items in this look can be found here

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