Uptown girl, she’s been living in her uptown world. Don’t know why but I easily figured out the name of this look. Maybe because of the posh background, maybe because of the chique touches in this look…


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Could’ve also gone with “too cool for school”, but I think that this outfit is too ladylike to be putten away as girly. But it is a fun look and I had all the more fun while shooting it. Imagine me walking down the sidewalk time after time to get the perfect nonchalant “oh hey, I was just getting out of the house” look. I mean. Yeah right!

Wish I always looked this posh, but somehow my closet doesn’t always allow me to find the best pieces and actually put them together. Why? The answer is simple: I cannot see all of my items when I look at my closet, since it is over full. I really need to throw some things away or at least sell it at a market or so.

But… My new items have gotta stay! My flare pants for example. Oh, and my beautiful boots, which are nowadays my go-to pair by the way, since they are perfect for any occasion, easy to walk on and feature that perfect fashionable touch on the heel. Gotta love it!

“She’s fresh and exciting,
also excited cause she’s fresh”

Here, I am wearing my scarf over one shoulder, which I have seen on a lot of runways and which was now a finishing touch made by my dear photographer. I must admit that I found it hard to style the flare pants at first, but the past few weeks I’ve gotten used to it and I really love it. How about you?



Wearing: Missguided (similar) flare pants / Primark top / CoolCat blazer / Public Desire boots / Eye Feel Shady sunglasses

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