For the first time in 5 years (yes that’s about how long I’ve had my blog now), I don’t seem to get a hold on my blog. Somehow I forget to post regularly. I think it’s simply because I am so busy with other channels: youtube, instagram. That takes a lot of time and has me forgetting about my blog some time. I feel stupid for it, but hey I’m just human, right? Now I am totally back on track, at least, that’s what I think and hope…

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So how to get back on track when you feel like you’ve lost it? I think it happens to a lot of bloggers these days. My blogger friends are all screaming how they are busy and can only keep there heads up just a little. It’s often underestimated how tough of a job it is to keep a blog and update it regularly. Let alone everything that comes with it nowadays. Snapchat, instagram, Facebook (both personal and job related), twitter, youtube, pinterest, tumblr. Did I forget something? I bet I did, because that’s what happens when you have so many channels waiting for you.

Backing out is no option anymore. For me this is both my job and my hobby and that kinda makes it my life. I don’t want to stop either cause my blog and everything that comes with it still gives me a lot of energy. While writing this down however, I do notice that I am not really sure about the previous sentences. Obviously, it’s something to watch for: a blog should give more energy than it takes.

I think that the past few months I have taken to many projects, which is also why since my vacation I have made some new plans and restrictions. One of them is that I am being more selective in the collaborations that I am doing. I want to create high quality blogposts with beautiful pics. This means that I will live up to higher standards, but with less projects (only the best) I will be able to do so.

With this look I think I am back on the fashion track again. Is it the asymmetric dress in contrast to the symmetrical architecture in the background? Or is it the fact that I have been photographing with my favorite photographer again? Whatever it is, I hope I will be able to continue on this level. I like the pictures and I like how it fits my instagram feed as well. That might help me to keep up at least two of my channels simultaneously haha.

Do you experience the same buzz when it comes to your blog sometimes? And how do you deal with it?



Wearing: Vero Moda dress / Pepe Jeans bag / Missguided heels

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