Aren’t we all longing for long weekends? Especially now that summer is coming I personally really look forward to some free time… spending days in the city, at the park, or better yet abroad! In this post I am particularly focusing on Spain as it has so many lovely sites & cities to see and which ever one you choose: it’s probably warm, it’s only a few hours away from Amsterdam and… with easyJet it wouldn’t be all too pricy as well. Ding ding, we have a winner! So where in Spain should you go?

Personally, I have been to Spain quite some times. Last year I visited several places in Spain, like Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza. And I think that for a long weekend or short week there are so many pleasurable choices in Spain. Sometimes I wish I lived in Spain or had a second home there, but to be completely fair, with holidays such as ascension day, it’s actually pretty convenient and adventurous to just hop on a plane and go somewhere sunny. A perfect mini vacay so to speak.

So where to go? Below I have listed some of my favorite places to visit in Spain.

Popular among the hipsters & influencer jetset, Ibiza will always be a place to be, whether you like hanging around beach clubs or rather stroll down old Ibiza town. It’s best to hire a car and make a road trip if you really want to see the beautiful, less touristy sites of the island. You can either stay in a holiday resort with spa and attend yoga sessions in the morning (no where better to do yoga than here!) or… stay in Eivissa and enjoy Ibiza’s nightlife. The island really has it all and I did not even get started about the cute shopping areas. Las Dalias and Punta Arabi are the markets I’d definitely recommend.

Hotspots: Try Passion Cafe if you like Acai bowls, pancakes or superfood shakes for breakfast. La Bodega has become one of my favorite tapas restaurants ever since my last visit to Ibiza.

Tip: A day-trip to Formentera is absolutely worth it! This is the smallest of the balearic islands and the white beaches of Playa de Illetas are easily reached by bike or motorbike. Lunch at El Pirata if you can appreciate a simple but delicious menu.


This romantic coastal town in the south of Spain does not only impress with its culture and beaches. Around Malaga, there are fantastic excursions and unique landscapes to explore. Think of a road trip through the mountains. Playas de Palo is just one of the many beautiful beaches to visit by car. But Malaga is especially known for it’s wonderful views. To adventure seekers I would recommend visiting the Teatro Romano, an impressive ruin of an amphitheater, first and then climb up to the old hilltop palace Alcazaba. Never get enough of panoramic views? Visit the old fortress Gibralfaro as well. A combined ticket to both the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro will cost you less than €4.00 only.

Hotspots: BrunchIT cannot be missed if you like either coffee or pizza, or both! This is also the perfect place to sit with your laptop in case you also need to work remotely during your long weekend getaway.

Tip: In for a treat? Visit the Hammam al Andalus. It has quite the modern take on hammam-going and offers gorgeous facilities, delicious tea, and a lovely candlelit ambiance.


Alicante is one of those seaside places that is especially popular with elderly. But that’s a pity if you take in consideration the adventurous things one can do overhere. A climb to the Castillo (free admission) is not for the faint-hearted especially during the hottest time of the day. Luckily, it’s also possible to get close by car. Besides wonderful sites like this one, explanada de Espana is the heart of Alicante. It’s one of the oldest and most beautiful streets and here you will find many restaurants, cafés and markets. Also do visit the old city, Barrio Viejo. These charming little streets will give you the authentic vibe of the city and are super instagram worthy. Of course, the marine cannot be missed either.

Hotspots: Go to El Coscorrón for the best Mojito (probably ever). You enter by a small window-door, and your Mojito is served in a tea cup. How refreshing and such an experience! They make them non-alcoholic as well.

Tip: From Alicante it’s a one hour bus trip to Calpe. Here you’ll find the wonderful Muralla Roja which is especially a little influencer paradise with it’s pink and blue walls. However, one can only enter if you are renting an Air Bnb inside the place. Believe me, it’s worth the hype.


I must admit all this writing really made my heart skip some beats. Now I really really want to go on a small vacation. How about you? Which of these places tickles your fancy? Small holiday, long weekend. What do you say?





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