Christmas Wishlist


All plus-icons are clickable. Find the silk pillowcase here

Only one week to go and it’ll be Christmas!
I must say that the past few years I haven’t been a big fan of
christmas anymore. Since my brother passed away five years ago, this
time of the year just hasn’t been the same. My parents
choose to go on holidays almost every year, and I’m literally home
alone. But, of course I have my friends and sister, so don’t worry about me!
And I must say that the christmas decorations still light me up inside.
I hope that it will snow next week, just to make christmas complete.
But there is more to hope for, like these cute items that I’ve
put on my wish list! I must admit that I already have the silk pillow
case, which is so amazing. It’s such a simple and relaxing little pleasure.
It’s like laying down on a breath of cool air; like your face and
hair are getting secretly moisturized while you sleep, so that when you wake
up you feel more refreshed without doing anything.
Surprisingly a silk pillowcase is also a temperature regulator and works anti-aging.
So yes, I’m putting one on my wish list for when the other one is in the laundry!
The other items are clickable, go check them out and see for yourself
how cute, lovely and winter proof they are. Even the sunnies, haha!
Let me know what’s on your wish list these days :-).



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