When I started blogging I knew no-thing about blogging. It wasn’t really a common thing, let alone that it would be a job for people. I could not imagine what that world that I was becoming part of would be like and I felt like a little fish in the ocean. I had no one to turn to with questions about how and where to start, so I really hope that this will help you out… No one wants to talk to the wall or send unanswered letters to the world. You want to be heard, inspire and get inspired. Well, then there are a few channels that you cannot go without…

In my previous “Blog tips” posts you could read about reasons to start a blog (here) and how to start a blog practically (here). After these articles I got a lot of requests about what to do next, especially “How to get your blog out there?” Good question! Blogging is fun, but if no one is watching, who are you doing it for? Yourself would be a good answer, but it would be a waste if your inspiring thoughts don’t find their way to the crowd right? So today I will tell you the basics about promoting your blog…

1. Networking
When I published my first post (an outfit and a small text about what I was wearing) it was very exciting and a little scary. I have to admit that no one knew about my blog the first year I had it. I was too ashamed to tell people about this new hobby of mine, cause my ego was scared of what others would think of it. I felt kinda vulnerable putting myself out there with things that I liked that where thereby displayed to – potentially – catch a lot of negativity. Sounds familiar? Cause if so, let me tell you that nowadays it is kinda hard for me to think back to that feeling. I cannot imagine that it once felt that way, since today I am so proud of what I am doing. To put it short: You need to let people in your circle know about your blog, also, the people whom may offend you and criticize your blog. Today they may hurt you with their opinion, while tomorrow their opinion may not even matter anymore because you know what you are doing. (Note: most probably their opinion will not even be as negative as you think, cause most people dig blogs or will simply shut up about it). So yes, networking begins with the people you already know. You will find that friends and family are willing to check it out because they’re interested, while others will check it out because they’re curious. Networking also involves meeting new people, for example on events. Don’t be afraid to start a chit chat, introduce yourself and be out there. If they don’t see you, they may not see your blog as well.
2. Social media
Be active on social media. You need to figure out which one works best for you. For example: If you focus on texts, Twitter may be your best friend, whilst if photography is your thing, you may be better off with Instagram. Likewise, if you enjoy making or watching short video clips or visual memes, then TikTok is the place to be. Being active on social media means posting regularly, without spamming. According to my statistics, I post 8 photos on Instagram weekly. Besides that, I browse through other people’s Instagram accounts. I like, I repost, I follow, I comment. Facebook is a great portal to start a conversation with your followers: Ask them about their feelings towards trends, organize giveaways. TikTok on the other hand can be a great way to show off your products without losing your customers’ attention as the clips are short and sweet, while sites like Twicsy will allow you to purchase followers for TikTok and boost your online audience immediately. Interaction is key, so make sure you make the most of it!
3. Forums
Besides social media there are a lot of forums on the internet on which you can show other users who you are and what your style is about. Lookbook and Chictopia are great places to post your outfit pictures if you are a personal style blogger. This will give you the opportunity to connect with other people who do exactly the same, which on itself is already awesome! Also try to like/hype/vote other users and leave comments, cause they will get back to you. And once a bunch of them are following you, you don’t have to be active anymore, cause your followers will be updated whenever you post something new to your feed.
4. Advertising
To do or not to do in the first stage? I would say no. I have only advertised once, on Facebook, when I had my blog for a few years already. This yielded me about 150 likes where I already had 1500 likes. It was a nice trial, but not really something I would suggest if you are just starting your blog. Organic traffic is something you should focus on in the first place, since this gives you an idea of your audience. Later, advertising is ok. But still, I am a major fan of organic traffic and natural followers over advertisement gain.
5. Blog spamming and blog hops
Blog spamming is something I wouldn’t recommend doing too much and only if your intentions are good. With this, I mean the act of browsing from blog to blog, leaving comments about the blogs. It’s a very fun thing to do since you get to know other bloggers and also, it gives you the opportunity to leave your link and thus have other bloggers coming your site as well. A blog hop is a kind of link up, where by bloggers can share their link but also subscribe to other bloggers. Usually, there is a rule that says you have to subscribe to at least two or three blogs on the list before you can share your link.  I, myself, have never blog hopped or hopped blogs (what ever the verb is), but I read about it earlier. I don’t think I would ever use it, because I wouldn’t want people to follow me simply cause I am on a list or simply because I followed three other people; I would rather have people following me for my blog. I think that that’s a very important thing to keep in mind. Follow for follow may sound fair, but it also means a lot of ghost following and that is not what you are looking for; you want a loyal audience. More about that in another “Blog tips” post.

Please let me know if these tips came in handy for you. Are there any other things you’d like to know about blogging? My next tips will be published in April and is all about the myths of blogging. Make sure you keep in touch!

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