I’m gonna be honest with you guys… It’s getting harder and harder for me to think of interesting topics for my blog tips section, so definitely let me know what you’d like to hear more about! For now… Let’s focus on how to become successful. Cause isn’t that what we all want?

I will start off by answering the question of my first alinea “Is becoming successful what everyone wants”? Cause I think the answer is no. I have heard so many guys and girls about becoming a blogger in the hopes of becoming successful. But that alone is not enough. And I think that just hoping is not the same as truly wanting it. So, I think a lot of us think we want it and kind of hope it’s gonna happen to us. But it’s only those who really aspire to become successful, who will become successful. Reason is simple” passion is the first criterium one must check off the list!

You? Yeah you! Your blog is about you or what you want to write about. Therefore you should always be aware that you stay true to yourself, your content and your audience. Personality is an important factor here and so is having an opinion. Of course it depends on the type of blog you have, but I think that once you go in a certain direction, keep going. Change course as you evolve, but be you.

When it comes to technology there are certain basics a successful blogger should definitely be familiar with. Think of Google Analytics, WordPress (duh), SEO and social media. It’s not high tech and for those who are in the business it may even come natural. But the more you know about these things, the more strategically you can evolve your blog and social media. If you guys like, I could digg into this a little deeper in a new blog tips post anytime soon.

Too many times have I heard phrases like “They did not want to pay me” or “I never really have any brands that wanna work with me” followed by stories on how the bloggers communicated in a (sorry to say it but) slightly rude way. Being polite and humble is so important, I can not stress that enough. A few weeks ago a brand replied to me “Wow, this is the most polite and sweet rejection I have ever had” and believe me, I am not sugarcoating anything. On the other hand I think that there are a lot of bloggers that don’t dare to come up for themselves and rather say “yay” and “amen” to anything that comes along. That’s not running a business. Let’s go back to the “you” part in which I told you that your blog is your responsibility, your product. Don’t be afraid to direct things in the way you want…





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