While writing this blogpost, I will just admit two things in the first place: 1. I am not an organized person at all! which let to 2. I forgot to write this blogpost, and am now  scheduling it back in time, cause I think that every month needs it’s own blogtips section and skipping is never an option to me. So how is someone who is not really organized herself going to hand out tips? Well, that’s the point. I am going to make a change. Who is with me on that?

So my goal is to be more organized. Consider this my resolutions to get it done.

1. No postponing
At the moment I am the type of person that has emails piled up from two weeks ago. Some of my blogger friends don’t know how I can wait that long before answering an email, but one must understand that I receive a lot of emails per day and answering emails is not the only thing that needs to be done. Since I have my email connected to my phone things are already a little better, for now I can at least answer the most important emails right away. But still, I think that it would be much better to take one or two hours per day to answer emails. And this goes for everything that seems to pile up: make half an hour or an hour free each day to do these things that you’d normally pass on to the next day.

2. Stationery on fleek
To be organized, it’s important to have a tidy desk and equipment that helps you sort everything by importance. For example, I have clumpy clips that say “ASAP” or “Get it done” and “Boring”. Also, being a girly girl it helps to have beautiful stationery, for that makes me want to work with it.

3. Schedules and notes
This is something I have been doing ever since I started blogging, and I have no idea whether or not other bloggers do it as well: Make a schedule of what posts are coming up. I do this in the Notes on my Macbook, cause this is easy to open and easy to change when deadlines are moved to other dates. I have also heard people about Wunderlist. I have not rigged into this yet, but it looks like an app that makes it easy to make to-do list by importance etc. I am not sure if an app like that works for me. But see what works for you!

4. Diary
Just like stationary, keep a tidy and updated diary. Here also, it depends on what you find the most convenient: phone calendar or a print diary. I always go with the last one, cause somehow I am not the digital girl I should be as a blogger haha. But a diary is meant to keep track of important dates, events, personal life events as well as fashion events. It really helps me to plan stuff.

5. Sophisticated screensaver
I really don’t know why I haven’t come up with this earlier, but since a few months I have been using a new screensaver, which I then personalized into something a bit more beautiful, but it kinda looks like this and divides my screensaver into “Edit”, “Write” and “Upload”. So not only my desk, but even more important my desktop, are organized. Of course you can also make this yourself and add other rows if you’d like.

I hope these tips helped you guys out. More tips following soon. If you have any questions in particular, just let me know!




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