When it comes to blogging, I am often asked how I get to travel so much and how I get to spend so much time in foreign countries. Ain’t I the luckiest girl alive to be able to travel through my blog? I guess I am, but it’s not just luck. It’s also been an investment of my own (time and money). Here’s a brief introduction on how to travel through your blog…

Ok, let’s get started

1. Do it yourself
Easy, do it yourself. I am not talking about a DIY here. If anything, I suck at doing DIY’s. With do it yourself, I mean that you should also be willing to invest in travel yourself. I have made some amazing trips on my own, spent my own money on traveling a lot. In fact, traveling is the only thing I really like to spend money on. So whenever I can, I try to travel as much as I can. And by doing this two advantages come along: 1) I am able to make beautiful travel content, 2) I show my audience and potential clients that this is a category I write about which makes me more eligible to get more travel opportunities.

2. Be creative
To make it in the world of travel blogs and vlogs one will have to be creative. Just a picture of a palm tree won’t do (of course you can keep posting these, everyone will love them). But if you really want to travel a lot your content should not just be fashion related or a lovely outfit somewhere in the desert. Write about adventures, the culture, hotspots etc; everything from a private flight with Jettly and staying at a luxury Caribbean island resort, to walking the Inca Trail in Peru, or taking a trip along the waterways of Venice in a gondola. Think of lifestyle more than just style, so you’ll have an interesting perspective.

3. Pitch to brands
As for all beginnings, you will have to start by pitching yourself. You cannot always expect for brands to find you. Once you’ve made related content, you can start pitching yourself to hotels, travel agencies, tourism bureaus, airlines etc. Cause remember that if this is something you really want, you’ll have to show them what you are good at.

To be honest, I am still and always working on these three pointers as I am also super busy with fashion and simply cannot always afford to spend time (or money) on something that I still have to invest in. But I am sure that great things will happen to those who work their asses off. Good luck, loves!





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