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When a new outfit is born

Wearing: Shorts Vintage, Lace top H&M, Wedges River Island, Clutch Primark, Necklace as bracelet Vintage

I won’t pretend that I’m a designer,
I’m not even thát creative.
Neither am I brilliant when it comes to
cutting and crafting…
Even more honest would be to say
that I’m quite lazy
But when it comes to clothes,
I think a quick hand is needed at times.
Cutting of old ugly jeans, to make
some cute high-waisted shorts out of it,
or wrapping a necklace around
my arm, just because I can not find a fitting bracelet,
that’s what I like to do!
The best outfits emerge from
thinking out of the box (or not thinking at all),
quick decisions, and silly trials.
What looks like a mistake in the first place, usually
brings about surprising results.

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