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Sneakerness Event: Switch to sneakers

Wearing: Jeans River Island, Top Asos, Blazer Vila, Sneakers Nike

Note: As you can see from my picture,
I was acting as if I were actually wearing heels(!)
Just saying…
Because… Obviously, I’m not the type to walk on flats…
Furthermore I turned my back on sneakers a long time ago.
I do wear sneakers every once in a while,
but in fact 1. they don’t fit my image, 2. they make me
walk sloppy, 3. I don’t feel passionate about them, and
4. they remind me of work-outs, not a good thing.
When it comes to my boyfriend however,
I love seeing him wearing sneakers!
So when he asked me to attend this Sneaker event,
I just dusted off my Nikes and followed his lead.

Loud hiphop music screaming from big stereos,
hooded dancers and a “chill out” vibe welcomed us into
this big hall which must have been a Walhalla for sneakerfans,
since there were sneakers all-ova-tha-place.
(Imagine those were Louboutins, or Jeffrey Campbells!
I would have gone crazy. That’s what I know…)
Unforunately my boyfriend didn’t find himself sneakers,
but he was actually very happy buying
some T-shirts and a vest.
Happy boyfriend; happy me.

Photos below might give you an impression of the overall event:
sneakers, watches, caps, dj, art, molds, etc.

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