It’s time for a new lookbook again… In this one I am showing you guys three back to school looks. I must say that I have graduated for quite some years now so I don’t really know what it’s like to be in school these days. But assuming that not much has changed, I thought it would be nice to show you three looks and write down three tips on what to wear to school.


Let’s go…

1. Mixing basics with statement pieces
Let me start off by saying that especially in high school the expectations and social pressure can be major as when it comes to clothing. I remember that some (for me then) expensive brands were totally hot and I felt like I needed it. I remember begging my mom to pay hundreds of dollars for Replay jeans, Gsus tops, Evisu jeans and Diesel shoes. But I always realized that just the basics are important as well to match these more expensive pieces with. You don’t need to dress in brands from head to toe to make a good look. A statement can also be made with the right accessories or just picking the right colors altogether.

2. Sassy not sexy
Since these looks are created for school, I wanted to go with looks that are sassy, but not sexy. A crop top may be a little too much here. I admit that I was in doubt whether or not to put it in here, but I wanted to at least show how a crop top can be worn without it being too flirty or exposing.

3. Easy on the heels
I used to wear heels to university, but only the lower ones since obviously school and university is about walking a lot. So, when a look doesn’t allow you to wear boots or sneakers, go with a low heel or wedges to spice it up.

Very curious about you guys dress up or used to dress up to school and what you think of these looks.



More about what I am wearing in my youtube description here

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