Wearing: Superstar top, Frontrowshop pants via Anthom (find here), Deezee heels, Modemusthaves tuttebel necklace (find here)
2dayslook gun necklace (find here)

My Dutch readers will know exactly what I am talking about with my title, “Tuttebel”. For others
it may be hard to even pronounce it the right way. Tuttebel is actually a fun invective
for someone who is focused on & obsessed with her appearance day in day out.
Now, name necklaces are fun, but a necklace that says “Tuttebel” is even more fun I think.
After all, I didn’t choose to be named Larissa, but I do choose to be a tuttebel every now and then.
I added the gun necklace only because it’s yet another black coloured necklace.
Putting these together brings out a fun contrast, one that can be compared to my personality as well.
This top may look like a mesh top, but it’s actually a loose knitted top. I thought
it was a lovely addition to the mesh pockets of my pants.
Let me know what you think of this (should I say creative?) ensemble.


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