Ok ok. We all know flare pants by now. But there is this one other trend that beats the flare pants and if you’d ask me it beats almost every other trend nowadays: flare sleeves!

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So where flare pants add a lot of volume to your feet, flare sleeves add volume to your underarms. And how I love this trend! I think it’s bohemian and chique at the same time and it can be worn in such different ways. For example, a white blouse with flare sleeves may look totally corporate when worn with black cigarette trousers, whilst a printed top with flare sleeves can look gipsy inspired when worn with flare jeans and fringed items.

I’m especially addicted to the white and black tops with flare sleeves. And the ones with extra long sleeves are the ones that really got me high.

What I like about this trend is that it gives every look instant allure. You won’t need much more when you are wearing flare sleeves. Besides, it’s a fun thing to match flare sleeves with flare pants and play with silhouettes in that way.

Ok, I think it’s clear by now. I am a huge fan. But what do you think of this trend?



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