The russian beanie

Wearing: River Island jeans, Goosecraft jacket, H&M poncho (alternative here), Asos ankle boots, Louis Vuitton bag

I doubt whether or not I should actually call this thing upon my head a beanie, since
it could as well be a cushion cover or a piece of a teddybear.
It’s big, it’s fluffy and it screams for attention, so I’ve noticed.
Either way, I immediately knew I wanted it when I saw it at a vintage store. It’s fun and great for these cold days.
It’s obvious that such a headpiece determines the rest of the outfit; in an effortlessly chique direction for this matter.
To complete the laidback feel of this look, I chose a poncho and went for ton sur ton combined to denim.
For me, this is perfect outerwear to go shopping or have a quick lunch in the city.
What do you think of it?

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