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The inner ghetto girl

Wearing: H&M corset and headband (scarf), TFNC skirt, Asos heels, Seven45 necklace,
WSD bracelet, Club manhattan ring, Seven eyewear sunnies

When I wanted to buy this scarf to make a headband out of it, my best
friend (a fashionable gay man with a loveable sharp opinion) subtly told me that
it was hideous. “Seriously Larissa, you can not wear such headband. It’s so ghetto!”
It had me doubting for a second, but eventually, I pushed through and bought it
aiming to show him what super fashionable outfit I would make out of it.
Besides, my style may be a little ghetto inspired sometimes. So what?
After publishing this post, I will definitely recommend my friend to
check it out. I bet he’ll love it.
At least I do…

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