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I’d wear it twice, if it’s nice

Wearing: H&M shorts & earrings, Forever21 blouse, Asos heels, WSD rings & bracelet

A few weeks ago I was having diner with some friends when one
of them said that there was a little whole in my blouse.
I said: “That’s such a pity, cause I am wearing it for the first time now.”
Another friend said “I know. I know it’s new…
Cause you never wear anything twice.”
After I was able to stop laughing I explained to her that
I do actually wear some things twice, but that I would always avoid wearing
something twice to the same people or occasion.
My friends were in shock, and didn’t understand that I would even be able
to keep remembering what I wore before.
But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do

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