Tangerine tunic

Wearing: Asos tunic, Deezee heels, AnaMar enveloppe clutch, Missselfridge rings, Vintage earrings

It’s ironic that I wore this outfit a year ago when I was in warm and sunny Egypt. At the time I did not make any
outfit photos. But as I want to keep showing you guys the nice pieces of my wardrobe, I do so now. However, I am
wearing it in a whole different setting (and temperature) right now.
I love the loose fit of this tunic. And it may be a little short, but I like showing of some leg.
Oh by the way, ofcourse I normally go outside with a fur or lammy coat when the wheather is like this, but
since I wanted to show you details the of the tunic in particular, I didn’t cover up with a coat in these photos.

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