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Wearing: 2dayslook top (buy it here), Vintage shorts & blazer, Topshop boots, 2Dayslook snake ring (buy it here), ZeroUV sunnies (buy here)

Ok. First of all, I am wearing my shirt the other way around; as in, I am wearing the back in the front.
Why? Cause I liked it. My friend Mo, with whom I was on the day that I wore this, was wearing the same kind
of (baseball) top and he thought it would be fun if we’d look like a team.
I must say that walking around like twins usually sounds too happy for me. I’d rather not be compared
to anyone, let alone that someone would put me in the “who wore it better” or “bitch stole my look” category.
But this time I made an exception, just for the fun.
In the end our outfits were very different anyway. This top however, would also be very lovely
with the text at the back. But what do you think of this?


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