I heart it

Wearing: 2Dayslook hearts blouse, Zara boyfriend jeans, H&M heels, ZeroUV sunglasses

When the sun shines, my happiness can be all over the place sometimes. I get cheery, and I make stupid jokes
that no one, but myself, laughs about (very loud actually). The sun really makes me do things that no one or nothing else can.
It makes me wanna jump around, run in circles, walk with barefeet, talk to people whom I don’t know, and what not.
Okay, this may sound like I barely ever see a sunray or maybe it sounds like I am crazy. But really though,
summer sometimes makes me feel like I’m in love or something (which I am not, FYI).
Where is this story going though? Well, I was just looking at the hearts on this new blouse
of mine and I totally got carried away, thinking of the sunny day that I wore it for the last time.
I normally don’t choose items with more than 4 to 5 colours in their print, but I think this blouse with the beige, black, and
three kinds of neons is amazing. I got it at 2Dayslook, a lovely webshop which I happen to
collaborate with. I am happy to tell you that I can offer you a 20% discount code: fromha20,
valid on all items and all amounts of purchases.
I think we shouldn’t be scared to mix a top like this with another print, or like I did, with other hearts,
if only it was to stay in that happy summery vibe I just described.
Please let me know what you think of this outfit and share your summer feelings with me, if you dare!


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