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Sweet rumours

My favourites from Topshop: Cape. Heels. Armour ring

Have you heard the rumours? They pretend that Topshop is coming to Holland.
Despite my love for Topshop, I had mixed feelings hearing this. You know, I love being unique (who doesn’t?) and unlike some others I don’t mind going overseas to find my stylebites.
With such a nice store as Topshop in Holland, I know us cheeseheads will stuck to it like glue, which ofcourse means encountering tons of others wearing the same outfit. Naah, not for me!
Guess I’ll have another excuse to find me some new lovely boutiques and stores all over the world… In that context, Topshop coming to Holland isn’t bad news at all! Ofcourse I would still go to topshop (love it too much). But still I’m wondering… What should be my next stop?

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