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Photo 1: Bracelet Bijou Brigitte, Heart with wings ring Club Manhattan
Photo 2: Earrings Topshop
Photo 3: Clutch Muldooney’s

While I was mostly wearing silver jewelry, I now tend to wear copper more often.
Now the copper bracelet above has a charm of “The hand of Fatima” which is a symbol from the Moroccan culture. With this bracelet people ofcourse will think that I’m from Morroco (I get to hear that a lot!), which I do not like because it’s not so. No offense to Morrocan, cause I love their culture, but I love mine too and I’m proud to be half South American and half Dutch.
Now that I’ve heard that “The hand of Fatima” protects from jalousy like blue eye charms do in the Surinam culture, I have yet another reason to wear it.
The ring with the “flying” heart was one of those things I fell in love with immediately! I had to have it and even thought of buying it in silver too.
The earrings from topshop are great with short hair or a knot. They are quite heavy, but I cannot really care about that. It’s the price you pay.
This clutch is from Muldooney’s. Simplistic chique. What do you think?

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