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What do you find most important when you book a hotel? A comfortable bed? Sport facilities? Or would you settle for an easy stay over since the place you are staying at is most important? A few weeks ago Lily and I went to Westcord Fashion Hotel here in Amsterdam for two days to write a review about it. Let me take you on this trip through all facilities that this fashion hotel has to offer.









Ever since I lived here, Amsterdam has been my favorite city. No, that’s a lie. It has actually been my favorite city since loooong before I started living here. I love Paris and New York is amazing, but I always feel most at home when I am in Amsterdam. So it may seem strange to go to a hotel in my own city, but in fact, it’s half the fun!

Westcord Fashion Hotel is located across World Fashion Centre, with the Vondelpark within a 10 minute walk. Besides that, there is nothing special to experience in the near environment, but there’s enough to check out inside the hotel and the city centre is only a 15 minutes ride with tram 1 or 17.

When Lily and I arrived in our hotel room, we immediately started unpacking our stuff to put it on a hanger and place it in the closet to make it photoshoot-proof and ready for a fabulous stay. The room is very spacious and is decorated both modern and elegantly. I loved the padded head of bed, the dainty print on the bathroom wall and the big windows. The hotel room furthermore had everything we needed: great wifi, a hairdryer (so thankful), a huge comfortable bed and a tv, which we didn’t really use.

Lily and I had breakfast at the hotel twice and I must say that it was very good! Normally, I am not a big fan of hotel breakfasts. These are often simplistic and seem a bit factory-prepared. But breakfast at Westcord fashion hotel was delicious! They had the right amount of fruit, fresh bread and tasteful toppings. The hotel, honoring it’s name “fashion hotel” was decorated with fashionable silhouettes on the curtains and mannequins through-out the hotel and tv’s in both the lobby and restaurant showed the latest fashion shows on fashionTV. Overall, I must say that the “fashion sense” was displayed in a modest way, so the hotel would also be great for people who aren’t a big fan of fashion, hence a lot of business men I think. The best part of the hotel is the skyybar, a fashionable lounge on the 10th floor that provides you with a fantastic view over the city. But Lily and I also gratefully used the gym (I learnt a few new moves on the skippy ball!) and even sat around the swimming pool for a while.

Ofcourse, Lily and I had a great time and it felt kinda funny being on a little trip so close to my home. But I must say that it was also hard work to complete this review; photoshooting several looks for two bloggers can be harsh! Other photos that were made in the fashion hotel can be found here and here.

Lily and I also made some very funny snaps with snapchat, so check it out to get a better picture of what we have been up to during our days at the fashion hotel! (Don’t forget to follow us on snapchat. My snapchat: larissabruin, Lily’s snapchat: hashtagbylily)


Wearing: Wildfox cardigan / Wildfox top / H&M shorts / Hema socks
Photos by: Lily (

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