A new year is coming and I am already planning a few new things. These all have to do with work and working out. I’m gonna be harder on myself in the next year, but before I do so, I will take a few days to get by from the X-mas buzz, lounging my days away in this cashmere combo….

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For me, this is not the day after Christmas, for me this is the 3rd day of Christmas. Cause just as if we cannot get enough me and my friends have called in this third day of Christmas so we would also have the chance to celebrate with friends. So no me-time yet. Tonight it will be christmas dinner, presents and candle light all over again back in the town where I came from. I love this tradition, but I must say that it is kinda exhausting to bounce from one city to another to celebrate with loved ones.

After all this, I will definitely put on my lounge pants and actually lounge! I have just a few episodes of Desperate housewives left, which I cannot wait to see. It’s gonna be 4th and 5th days of Christmas just with my pillows and blankets.

Since I want my time off to be as comfortable as possible I will be wearing a cute, but above all cozy ensemble. You may have seen this cashmere cardigan in an earlier post, and I’ve also told you about my cashmere scarf in another post, but the most comfy and cozy cashmere item I own would have to be these lounge pants from Citizen Cashmere. They make me feel at home anywhere. I’ve already found myself wearing them to the supermarket cause I didn’t want to take them off and they actually look kinda chique.

I cannot wait to jump into this outfit tomorrow. What’s your favorite stay-at-home clothing?



Wearing: Citizen Cashmere lounge pants / Citizen Cashmere cardigan / Asos top / Mostwanted shaggy vest / Triwa watch

Photos by tripod

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