Travel attire


Wearing: Zara pants, H&M top, Mostwanted jacket, Asos headpiece & slippers

It has been a few weeks since I am back from my backpack trip through
South East Asia, but I still wanted to show you my favorite travel outfit.
These pants have really proven to be perfect for Thailand, especially
when visiting temples or other places where bare legs are not aloud.
It covers the legs, but it’s still okay to wear with hot temperatures, since
is has a loose fit with high spits in the front.
The top is lovely, because it features a deep cleavage, which somehow
made it seem ok to not wear a bra. I really hate wearing a bra when it’s warm.
I bought these slippers at Asos. I felt like they would be perfect for
travelling. Unfortunately, they weren’t as comfortable as I had expected, but
they do complete this look.
Now of course I did not bring my leather jacket, for I didn’t
need it there (duh!), but I shot these picture in Holland with my father,
and I still had to adjust to the weather here.
What does your travel gear look like?

Sequins are never overrated


Wearing: Delousion sequin jacket (find here), Vintage maxi vest, Asos jeans, Vagabond shoes

A few posts back you can read about my idea of re doing my blog. I want to give
it a whole different look and I want my photos to be of a better quality. In the end,
the overall lay out should be better than what it is now.
I have also been laying my style under the microscope and I have come
to the conclusion that it’s time for me to step my game up.
I am not saying that I’m not satisfied with the outfits I wear, but I’m aware
of my tendencies. One of these tendencies is playing it safe. I would
almost say that it’s laziness. Matchy-matchy and picking black items to match with
if I don’t have the time to think of anything better. This should stop. There’s this thing
called styling and that has nothing to do with playing it safe.
I already know where the problem begins with: I have to many plain items
in my closet. What I need are prints and some perfect basics. I admit that for example, I
do not have a white oversize top nor a blouse. And I should definitely try
some more coloured cardigans and add some shoes to my wardrobe that aren’t
black, brown, burgundy or white. First world problems.
In this outfit I’ve been playing it safe, matching my sequin jacket to an
all black outfit. I felt like I needed to dress down the colorful jacket and I must
say that I love this look, but what if I had actually gone
crazy with a yellow top and striped pants with purple shoes?
I may have surprised myself
Am I the only one who craves a style upgrade some times? Let me
know about your thoughts!

VIDEO: 10 Fall wardrobe essentials


No fails this fall!
While you are still catching the last sun rays, I’ve already been doing
my research and shoppings for the next season.
Check out this video, with 10 fall essentials you don’t want to miss!

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Thanks guys <3

A touch of tumblr


Photos via

In fact, this right here is just a big, huge, major
giga, humongous thanks to the summer. How I loved the bright
whites, the crochets, the cut outs, mesh and flawy fabrics that
helped me get in the mood for the beach.
I really had a lovely summer. My holidays were amazing: I
have seen so many wonderful things. I’ve soaked
up that feeling of freedom and am now totally ready for
the next season. It may sound weird, but I am actually looking forward
to fall, wearing warm cozy knits and winterish woolen coats.
I hope you all had a great summer as well.
Let’s welcome the next season!