Boyfriend material | Warm coating


Photos via Tumblr

Fall is just around the corner, so just like women, men will have to start
looking for a suitable fall coat too. That’s why
I wanted to hand out some guidelines for those who are lucky enough to read this.
Keyword for fall coats would have to be: WOOL. And if not wool, leather!
Cause I don’t want to see any plastic coats on guys this season.
And let me just bring it to you quickly, that I do not understand
the obsessions with Moncler, Woolrich or Nickelson. Buying a brand does
not mean that you are buying style. And the higher the
price, doesn’t mean the better the look.
When it comes to prints, go ahead! Tartan is great, and any other
geometrical print is a plus! Colours should be sober. Think of
dark grey, blue, brown or black. The real deal however would be a camel coat!

DO: wear coats that fit like blazers: tailored and reaching half your ass.
DON’T: let your girlfriend inspire you. Feminine touches in a coat are not
really necessary if you’d ask me. Trenchcoats only work if the
rest of the outfit is perfect and fur collars mostly make guys look pathetic.
I always feel like the fur collars give boys misplaced confidence.
And please leave fur coats up to us!

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Wearing: DIY jeans, Zara top, Mom’s jacket, Primark heels

Via this post I just wanted to shamelessly ask you guys to follow me via Bloglovin’.
Recently, I have been checking out my stats and came to the conclusion
that most of my readers follow me via Google Friend Connect, which is
such a bummer, since I will get rid of GFC when I move my blog to WordPress.
That’s why I would like to ask all of you to just click the link below!
Oh and, now that I am at it, why don’t you follow me via Youtube as well?
Thank you so much!



Travel attire


Wearing: Zara pants, H&M top, Mostwanted jacket, Asos headpiece & slippers

It has been a few weeks since I am back from my backpack trip through
South East Asia, but I still wanted to show you my favorite travel outfit.
These pants have really proven to be perfect for Thailand, especially
when visiting temples or other places where bare legs are not aloud.
It covers the legs, but it’s still okay to wear with hot temperatures, since
is has a loose fit with high spits in the front.
The top is lovely, because it features a deep cleavage, which somehow
made it seem ok to not wear a bra. I really hate wearing a bra when it’s warm.
I bought these slippers at Asos. I felt like they would be perfect for
travelling. Unfortunately, they weren’t as comfortable as I had expected, but
they do complete this look.
Now of course I did not bring my leather jacket, for I didn’t
need it there (duh!), but I shot these picture in Holland with my father,
and I still had to adjust to the weather here.
What does your travel gear look like?

Sequins are never overrated


Wearing: Delousion sequin jacket (find here), Vintage maxi vest, Asos jeans, Vagabond shoes

A few posts back you can read about my idea of re doing my blog. I want to give
it a whole different look and I want my photos to be of a better quality. In the end,
the overall lay out should be better than what it is now.
I have also been laying my style under the microscope and I have come
to the conclusion that it’s time for me to step my game up.
I am not saying that I’m not satisfied with the outfits I wear, but I’m aware
of my tendencies. One of these tendencies is playing it safe. I would
almost say that it’s laziness. Matchy-matchy and picking black items to match with
if I don’t have the time to think of anything better. This should stop. There’s this thing
called styling and that has nothing to do with playing it safe.
I already know where the problem begins with: I have to many plain items
in my closet. What I need are prints and some perfect basics. I admit that for example, I
do not have a white oversize top nor a blouse. And I should definitely try
some more coloured cardigans and add some shoes to my wardrobe that aren’t
black, brown, burgundy or white. First world problems.
In this outfit I’ve been playing it safe, matching my sequin jacket to an
all black outfit. I felt like I needed to dress down the colorful jacket and I must
say that I love this look, but what if I had actually gone
crazy with a yellow top and striped pants with purple shoes?
I may have surprised myself
Am I the only one who craves a style upgrade some times? Let me
know about your thoughts!