#ProjectCool: Three ways to wear my own design


Wearing: My design for Coolcat top (find here), vintage shore, River Island jeans, AX Paris skirt, Primark heels, Forever21 sunnies

The past few months I have been spamming you guys for a good reason: telling
you all about the T-shirt I designed for Coolcat.
I got some lovely positive comments on it and I really hope
you guys massively buy it and tell everyone about. Just cause I am so proud.
Well, in this post you can see me wearing the top in white (it
is also available in black here). I don’t know which color I prefer. White
is lovely during these summer days, while black is always cool.
I’ve styled the top with three different bottoms: a midi
skirt, shorts and dark denim jeans.
I think that this top looks the best with a high waisted bottom,
if only it was to cover the tummy a little bit.
Which is your favorite look?

Fancy pants


Wearing: Frontrow shop pants (find here), H&M top, Ana Mar clutch, Cluse watch (find here), Frontrowshop necklace (find here)

For a long time, jeans were the truth for me. Pants? Decent ones?
Other than denim? NO way! I would’ve said that it’s for old women.
Nowadays, I’d say that it is for ladies.
How lovely is it that we have the choice of wearing
skirts or pants? Cause some pants are really just as party proof.
And I have noticed myself seeking for party proof pants for
a while now. I think I’ve bought about 4 in the past few weeks.
This is just one of them; I really love it.
The color is perfect and it has these soft pleats that
compliment my body and the high waist.
It was easy matching this to a same coloured top.
This way it really looks like an ensemble.
However, the jewelry I am wearing is a mixture of rose gold, gold
and silver. Cause, you know, I had to spice it up somehow.
Let me know what you think!

Off to Thailand & Bali


Wearing: A Bad Day kimono (find here), Asos velvet shorts, Deezee heels, Areyoufashion belt, Pony Power earrings (more here)

Yes guys, I didn’t want to announce this any earlier, but IT IS
HAPPENING: I am going to backpack in Thailand and Bali.
OMG, I am so excited. I have never done this before, and I just
don’t know what to expect. I have some friends whom have been
backpacking in Asia or South America, and they all
told me that it is one big experience, so I can only hope
that it will be a good one.
The best part about it is that there will be
no rules or limits. The worst part may be the fact that
I cannot take a lot of clothes with me. Just kidding,
but it is a major challenge to pack for 5 weeks within 10kg.
Thrilled as I am, I won’t say anything more about this, before I
actually come home safe. Cannot wait to look back at a wonderful time!
Ever planned a trip like this? Tell me all about it!

This month’s love goes out to…


Carven, Rodarte, Alexander Wang. Photos via Style.com

One button closed blouse.
I don’t know if there is a certain name for this trend, but
it definitely is a trend, since it was seen with
several designers on catwalk and I must say that I have already
spotted it on the streets too. I, myself, wanted to try it out a week
ago, but eventually found another suiting outfit.
The reason why I love this trend so much is that the effect of it brings
up a new level of crop tops, or say, exposed mid riffs.
Another plus is that my blouses have a new meaning!
I remember this trend of when I was 11 years old. At the time,
I wore it with another matching top underneath.
What do you think of this trend and how would you wear it?