Wearing: Golden rags velvet top (find here), Soinfashion tartan dress as wrap around waist, Mostwanted pants, Have2Have shoes

A long long time ago when I was a little girl and my brother was a little boy,
and that time had come that my mom thought that we were old enough
to decide what to wear each day ourselves,
of course we chose to wear our favorite jeans & top
over and over again. We would have our mom washing it and
then we’d wear it again, washing and wearing, washing and wearing.
(I bet this sounds familiar?)
We did that just because we could, not because
we were fashionable kids. Ok?
Anyway, my mom wanted us to at least be decent
kids and so she used to say “That shirt will one day
beg you to take it off.” I guess it
was a Surinam proverb, just to scare us. But
in fact, it didn’t scare us at all. We kept
doing our thing and we kept wearing our thang.
Much has changed, for I try to wear different
stuff in various ways nowadays. But, I must
admit that I do however hold on to trends.
I mean, hadn’t I rocked the red tartan x black leather
combo enough now? Haha, guess I didn’t.
Should this be the last time? Or should I just
wait until it starts begging, screaming?

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