Wearing: Fashionwalhalla sweater (find here), Soinfashion jeans, Deezee heels, Vintage earrings

I don’t mean to brag, but I just gotta say that I have a lot of clothes and being
the shopaholic that I am: my closet is getting fuller and fuller.
This made me decide that I should re-consider everything I want to order, and
I’ve put some new criteria to my potential buys. One of these is the criterium that an
item should be something I would like to rock at least more than twice ánd I want to
vary my new items from colorful to black/white.
The past few months, my instagram account has been showing an overall
black/white/burgundy collage. And that has to stop!
It’s summer. I can use some purple, orange, blue, green, yellow.
I really wanna challenge myself, even though
the minimal black & white trend is hot.
In this outfit, I’m making some steps to that colorfulness
already with my purple/orange team number sweater.
What do you say? Colour or monochrome?

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