Love at first sight

Wearing: Chicwish dress (buy it here, other colour here), Primark heels & rings, Jewelry box as clutch

This dress. Me. Love at first sight! At least that was what it felt like for me and I think
the dress must have felt the same way cause it fits like a glove.
This summer you’ve seen me wearing crop tops, biker boots and a lot of leather, but
deep down inside of me there’s this little romantic that likes a taste of sweet florals every
now and then. Besides, the winter is coming and I am already anticipating on the more luxurious trends and fabrics.
So this dress was just a big major huge musthave for me, to say goodbye to the summer and
to start off fresh in the coming season.
Now, there’s something I gotta tell you about this box clutch that looks like the one
Zara sold last year. It’s NOT the one Zara sold last year. Let me just sweep you off your feet by
saying it’s not even a clutch at all. In fact, it’s my jewelry box from the
local home accessories store. And don’t it look good, honey?!
I must admit it’s not the most practical “clutch” and it may look strange for whom
is not able to think out of the box (litteraly) in this case, but this dress could
handle even a garbage bag, right?
Let me know what you think of the overall outfit!


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