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It’s the little things

Wearing: River Island jeans, Monki top, Mijnnaamketting necklace, WSD cross necklace, Deezee heels, VJ-style bag

Photos by Denise from Glamavenue

For whom have been following me for a while, it may
be clear that I love statement pieces; bold, striking and showy.
However, I wouldn’t be a real lady if I wouldn’t like
some real diamonds and gold or silver every now and then, right?
So I was very happy to receive this beautiful monogram necklace from
The monogram consists of my three initials LCM.
What I like about it, is that it’s so porous and therefor
has some sort of intimate look.
I added a cross necklace to this outfit to
draw even more attention to both the necklaces
in this further rough, but feminine ensemble.
I’m happy to provide you guys 10% discount on
with coupon code: FROMHATSTOHEELS.

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