In her closet

This year I’ve been taking a peek in a friends’ closets monthly. This will be the
last “in her closet post”; I am completing this section with the wardrobe of a friend that
I’ve litterally known forever, like ALL my life, Susan. Have a look!

About her
Susan, 24, Assistant controller
What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is a way for me to show who I am and what I love. I follow trends only when it
matches my interests and my style. I used to buy clothes regularly, but since I’ve been to
Bolivia, where I’ve seen so much poverty, I tend to buy less.
How would you describe your own style?
I think I can describe my style as an “ibiza x bohemian look”. I like
fringes, bold rings, many bracelets and feathers. I often
wear natural colours, like beige and nude.
What’s your favourite item of your closet?
My favourite item is my “Ibiza” jacket (photo 3). I love the bright
colours and the woven structure. It’s perfect for summer evenings.

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