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Horse galloping

Wearing: Skirt H&M, Top Vintage, Belt Superstar, Hat Vintage, Bangles H&M

A few weeks ago my sister came up with the idea to
do a photoshoot with horses.
Imagining green landscapes, a clear blue sky and such an impressive creature
as accessorie, I felt like doing it right away.
We were able to do this shoot yesterday,
with the horse of one of my sister’s friends (Denise).
The weather was good, so it
was obviously going to turn out to be a great shoot.
However, the shoot abruptly took a different twist,
when I decided to actually sit on the horse…
Denise warned me to not sit on his butt,
but it was already to late…
The horse tossed me off of his ass
and I fell down on my back.
Luckily I didn’t get hurt that much.
But the shooting came to an end though…

Here’s a sneak peek on what I wore.
I chose an all white ensemble with a few brown/gold details.
Pure, naturelle and comfy.

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