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Bloos goodies

Once again I was sent A lovely goodie bag,
after some modelling work.
I had not been shopping on H&M or Asos and neither did I expect
anything else…
So I was very surprised when I received this package…
When I opened it, this pretty lingerie rolled out of it,
and I immediately knew I had to thank Monique,
the founder of Bloos Lingerie.
(For all non-Dutch speaking: Bloos means Blush)
In these photos: a Bloos t-shirt, stockings, strings,
hipsters, a cup with my name on it, and… a sticker with my
campaign photo on it.
It says “Bloos jij al?” which means “Are you already blushing?”
Well, I did when I received this!
I had a lot of fun at the shoot, and such
goodies are always a verrry nice extra which
I can only appreciate.

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