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Heels h.e.e.l.s. HEELS !

Wearing: Pants Vila, Blouse Vila, Denim jacket Tommy Hilfiger, Heels Asos, Ring Club Manhattan

Last year I decided to not walk on flats anymore,
but as you might presume I soon got back on those plans.
My enthousiasm was totally gone after the blisters and pain.
This year I’m not even gonna try it again,
but I will try to wear heels more.
It just makes me feel more gracious!
So since I think a woman should have over 20 pairs of killer heels,
I’m thinking about booking myself a ticket to New York.
I can hear Macy’s calling for me, and I can’t wait to get to my 7th heaven again!
For real, the first time I entered Macy’s, I was speechless,
completely tripped and totally lost my mind (and a lot of money, who cares).
I’m also planning on taking a trip to Paris and Milan.
But first… save enough money ofcourse.
In the meantime I might find Heels Pair #15 or something
in Holland already hihi.

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