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4 ever… young & in love

Wearing: Skirt Asos, Top Zara, Wedges Attentif, Bangles Noordermarkt, Bag Donna Lisa

Yesterday me and my boyfriend celebrated being together
for four years. Can you believe that?! Four years!
That’s a long time concerning in these four years
thousands of babies learned walking & talking, we went from Nokia to Iphone,
over a hundred hollywood couples broke up, and
approximately 226,388,136 people died.
So after these four years of relationship a lot of
friends and family begin wondering when we will buy a home together,
when we will get married, better yet… when we will get babies (!?).
But for me… Four years of relationship have brought me to the point
at which I would like to start all over again.
I remember long phonecalls at night talking about nothing,
msn chats sending each other our latest photos, shy kisses,
holding hands for the first time and sharing dirty little secrets.
Sigh… It was fun to be 17.
Now I will have to grow up, but for once and for all
Weddingbells and babies will have to wait!
My carreer has only yet begun

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