Hat to curls

Wearing: Loosebundles top (find here), Vintage blazer, Soinfashion jeans (find here), Dolce Vita boots, Primark hat

My blog’s name may be “from hats to heels”, but frequent readers know that
I do not wear hats that often. I almost feel ashamed to say that
I do not even have that many hats. Beanies, yes. Caps, too. But hats?
Maybe 4 that I still like. Yeah, I guess I know what to ask for my birthday, right?
The thing is that I didn’t really like wearing hats for I think they would look better
when my hair is straight. And… straightening is bad for my hair. I only do that, like
twice or trice a year, so how often could I wear a hat then?
UHU. So, here I am trying my hat with curls. (Don’t forget to tell me
what you think. Cause I am really curious!)
I thought this hat would give the rest of the outfit just a
little more umpfh. What do you think?

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