Wearing: Breaking Rocks top (find here), Primark midi skirt, Have2Have biker boots (find here), H&M bag (borrowed)

GRRR. Come on tiger, don’t hide that dragon.
A somewhat grungy outfit here. But you know, I love to vary between
romantic chiqueness and rebellious rock.
It’s so funny how some of my clothes only need one look for me
to decide what I am going to wear it with. Like, this T-shirt from
Breaking Rocks. I could imagine an ensemble right away, and I knew it
had to be dark (even my lipstick takes part in this).
Besides the top, my new black biker boots with their coarse sole deserve
credits for this look, cause they are thé finishing touch, the
cherry on the pie, the dressing on the salad, the hairr on the head.
What’s your opinion?


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