Each design has it’s story

Wearing: c/o Irrlu sweater, Wrangler shorts, Topshop boots, Mo’s bag, Romwe ring

Photos by Mohamed from The Unwritten Style Blog

I always love meeting new people and starting collaborations with creative minds
from all over the world. So I was very glad when designer Irwin Buhain contacted me to tell me
about his designs, on which he started two years ago. I think it’s so inspiring
and it gives me goosebombs to hear the stories behind brands, confirming that fashion is more than just fabrics.
The design that I am wearing here (the Hustle Cheetah Crewneck) for example, represents drive, ambition and
working towards an end goal which the word Hustle sums up perfectly. Each Irr Lu piece has a “balloon boy” stitched
on its sleeve which represents the word Regretless. I’ve been told that this is a huge component to
the brand simply because it was inspired by a friend of Irwin who passed away while doing what he loved for a living.
After all, “Irr Lu has a natural hustle embed at its core that incorporates a
lifestyle that is worthwhile and regretless.”
On that note, I would like to add that it’s worth taking a look at his designs, here.
You won’t regret it!

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