Dubai: Quick update

Hi guys,
Just wanted to give you a short update from Dubai.
I am having such a blast!
I love the weather, the environment and the people in my hotel are so so kind.
Happy to say I had a great time shooting wit my co-models.
Unfortunately, I am not allowed to tell anything about the shoot yet. So I
cannot post any photos of the shoot as well. But hey, you
may notice me on an airport in the coming months. Haha…
Pictures show the hotel environment, the bujr al Arab (building that characterizes modern Dubai),
the bujr Khalifa (highest building on earth), and the location of my photoshoot.
Today I also went to see the biggest mall of the world, Dubai mall, which features
the biggest Acquarium I have ever seen (incl sharks!), and we went to the Dubai fountains.
Right now I am waiting for some other models to pick us up and go to A party!
More on instagram :-).

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