Detailed jewelry

Just female jeans, Brother’s blouse, Vintage fur, Deezee heels, Kivimeri necklace (find here), Mutewatch (find here)

Just another outfit that has so many typical things I like.
Only little colour, fur, high heels, tight jeans and striking jewelry.
Now I must say that striking might not be the right word for my jewelry, cause
the watch is actually one that may not be recognized as a watch in the first place.
It’s a purple rubber band of which the bright colours only light up
after touching the display. That’s why it’s called a mutewatch after all.
So no, not very bold, but sure interesting and innovative!
Fun fact is that the watch can be charged by a USB stick… So far my technical knowledge.
The necklace that I am wearing here is also one of a kind.
It’s made out of silver toned chains and mirrored plexiglas with a snake print.
I totally fell in love with it right away.
Let me know what you think of this ensemble and the details!


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