Design debut

Wearing: Estradeur skirt, my own T-shirt design via Pixum, Deezee heels, SoNize bag, Romwe ring

I’ve been searching for a t-shirt with VOGUE text since forever, so eventually I decided to
design one myself. I experimented with photoshop and got to a photo of myself
with VOGUE text above; just like a real cover. To walk around with a shirt with my own face
upon it, may seem cocky but I meant it in a rather funny way.
I ordered it at Pixum.nl and within a few weeks TADAAAA my first print design on T-shirt was a fact.
Ofcourse Pixum photoservice sells all sorts of photo products besides T-shirts, like photo calendars and books.
But who would’ve thought that it could bring me such nice addition to my wardrobe? Besided this
T-shirt, I ordered yet another one. I will post that one anytime soon. What do you think of my design so far?

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