Connecting the stripes

Wearing: Pull & Bear skirt, Asos crop top, Zara stripe blouse wrapped (borrowed),

I have been wanting to create an outfit with polkasots on polkadots since forever, but
somehow I haven’t found the right combination yet. When it comes to mixing prints (especially the same print)
I think it is very important that the two items compliment each other and that the two
prints balance each other out. Now, with the striped pieces in this outfit
that was kinda easy. Together they have only 3 colours, of which black comes back in both and
furthermore the stripes are pretty much the same size, so yeah, we do have a match right here.
You may have noticed that I am not a huge fan of adding more and more colours, so
here I felt like black, red and white were enough already.
Let me know what you think of mixing (the same) prints!


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