Bye Amsterdam

Wearing: DIY crop top, River Island jeans, Vintage coat, Mostwanted shoes (find here), Primark rings, Bohemian Grunge bag

Ok, let me first give you an update, before I tell you anything.
Last week, me and my boyfriend were about to go to Marrakech for 5 days.
I had packed my bags and was totally ready for take off, when the boy got an
email that said that the French air traffic controllers were
on strike, which is why no flights were possible through the French airspace.
Conclusion: our flight was cancelled, we were not able to go to Marrakech anymore.
I could not believe it, and didn’t want to believe it!
I was really bummed! What do you do when your vacation is cancelled? No other
plan seems to be attractive anymore, except for booking another trip.
So we did. And here, we were still able to get to Marrakech.
When this (programmed) post comes online, I hope I will be sitting
at the pool, or eating couscous, or buying leather goods, walking through
the Medina. At least, that’s what I hope.
Such a strange feeling to already know my next destination…
More about that soon! Now, enjoy your days, as I will too!

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